Mompox Traveler’s Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Policies

Providing a comfortable stay to every traveler that passes through this beautiful Colonial City As is Santa Cruz de Mompox that receives visitors from anywhere in the world, The Mompox Traveler’s House is committed to sustainability and Responsible Tourism, seeks to encourage both its Guests, as well as their work team and local people, regarding respect for the preservation and conservation of natural resources and communities, so that they can experience a unique experience in our facilities throughout their visit. We will show the beauty of our municipality and the care that we must have with it environment, the cultural heritage and immaterial, the fauna and flora. In order to achieve a sustainable tourism, you can enjoy a unique experience, which goes beyond knowing but also learning policies of care of our country and region. Applying the experience and knowledge of the staff of the Hotel, in order to satisfy the tastes and needs of each of each visitor, both tourist and security issues.

That is why the Mompox Traveler’s House has focused on practicing sustainable tourism and showing the most indigenous customs and traditions of the Momposina Depression and the region, emphasizing the importance and value of preserving the cultural heritage and its surroundings.

The Casa del Viajero Mompox, contributes with Corporate Social Responsibility with fair economic recognition offered to all third-party services, always seeking to employ local people and supporting social projects that offer tools to some communities with which, in the long and medium term, Improve your quality of life.

The House of the Traveler Mompox is against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents ESCNNA, according to Law 679 of 2001

The Mompox Traveler’s House Preserves and Protects the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Colombia (Law 17 of 1981 and Law 397 of 1997).

“The House of the Traveler Mompox denounces the illegal traffic of species of flora and fauna; Artistic Manifestations and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children “. Before any eventuality contact: Police 112 – 156 Tourism Police (1) 3374413 – 2431175 Environmental and Ecological Police 3159000 ext. 56182 Police for Children and Adolescents 018000916999 ICBF 018000918.