Festival de la Diversidad y libertad de Genero


En la ciudad de Mompox se realizo el lanzamiento oficial de la tercera versión del festival de la Diversidad y Libertad de Genero en Mompox. Desde Ya, Arma tus maletas porque Mompox esta de moda y Les espera.

En esta Fiesta todo el mundo es libre y respeta la Diversidad. si eres, Heterosexual,  Lesbiana, Gay, Bisexial, Trangenerista, Intersexual o cualquier genero que espera vinculate al evento.




8:00 AM   Apertura Festival de la Diversidad y Libertad de Genero Mompox 2018

8:30 AM Imposición de Bandas de las Candidatas y Participantes Drag Quuens Plaza de la Libertad

9:30 AM  Taller de No más Homofobia.  Lugar: Plaza de la libertad

10:30 a 11:30 AM Taller de Pintura Artística y Maquillaje. Lugar: Plaza de la Libertad

1:00 PM  4° Marcha por el respeto a la diversidad de Genero en Mompox #AquiEntramosTodos

3:00 Concierto de electrónica Dj Colombianos  Lugar: Plaza de san Francisco.

4:00 pm Presentación de Drag Queen Lugar: Plaza de san Francisco.

8:00 pm Cine Club Lugar: Plaza de la Inmaculada concepción.

8:00 AM – Entrega de Regalos a los Abuelos del Ancianato.


9:00 am No más Discriminación


10:30 a 11:30 AM Taller de Pintura Artística  Maquillaje. Lugar: Plaza de Santo domingo

10:30 a 11:30 AM Obsequio de Kit de Peluquería a Miembros de la Comunidad LGBTI.

3:00 PM – Desfile de Carrosas Drag Queen Vestido de Fantasía.


4:30 pm Desfile de Mascaras Coloridas #AquiEntramosTodos  y #TodosSomosIguales


6:00 pm Cine Club Lugar: Plaza de la Inmaculada concepción


8:00 PM –  Elección del Drag Queen Nacional.


Confirmar al numero 3204064530  o escríbenos al correo reservacioneshotelmompos@gmail.com


Mompox, Mompos, Santa Cruz de Mompox

Santa Cruz de Mompox (also known as Mompox or Mompós) is a city in Bolivar, Colombia.

Mompox (often spelt Mompós) is a friendly, sleepy town on an island on the Magdalena river, which thrived during colonial times as it was the main resting port for ships travelling up the Magdalena from Cartagena to Honda. It has beautiful colonial architecture which rivals Villa de Leyva’s. It is one of only two UNESCO world heritage towns in Colombia, the other being Old Cartagena. The town is charged with incredable history, notably being the first town of latin America to vote for independance from Spain and the place where Simon Bolivar has said he “owes his glory”.

Few Colombians, however, seem to know about this place, and being on an island without any bridges reaching it makes it rather inaccessible but that is precisely why this town has such charm and mystique; few tourists come here but those that do never regret the detour. There is a say, if you have not been to Mompox…you have not seen Colombia. Discribing this place is hard but staying there multiple nights is the only way to understand what this town has to offer. During the Jazz festival, the Nautical (Nautica) week ends (one is in November), Christmas and Holy Week expect the town to be completely packed with tourists. The town is very laid back. A bridge is being constructed and flights from Bogota and Medellin should start in 2015. This will greatly facilitate access to Mompox. The newly renovated riverfront street (albarada) and plazas Concepcion, Santa Barbara and San Francisco translate that this little town is about to undertake an irreversible transformation with the imminent arrival of hordes of tourists.


Mapa Hostal la Casa del viajero Mompox